If you’re a Texas-based HVAC specialist, keeping your license current is key to your professional journey. While the idea of license renewal might initially appear complex, fear not! Armed with the right insights, you’ll find the path to maintaining your licensure not just manageable but surprisingly straightforward. Embark on this exploration to uncover how you can smoothly navigate the waters of HVAC license renewal in the Lone Star State, ensuring your credentials remain impeccable.

Understanding the Renewal Process

The path to renewing your HVAC license in Texas takes a slightly different turn based on your role. Each of these professional categories comes with its unique set of renewal protocols.

For Certified ACR Technicians

For those holding a Certified ACR Technician credential in the Lone Star State, it’s essential to remember that your license needs an annual update. The good news is that the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) streamlines this task with an easy-to-navigate online renewal platform. You’ll just need your license details, social security info, and a way to cover the $35 yearly renewal charge.

Registered ACR Technicians

Similar to certified technicians, registered ACR technicians must renew their licenses each year. The renewal fee is an affordable $20, and the process can be completed online through the TDLR’s portal, ensuring your license status remains active without any stress.

A/C & Refrigeration Contractors

For contractors, the renewal process includes an additional step: completing the required HVAC continuing education in Texas each year. You must complete eight hours of state-approved continuing education, focusing on relevant Texas laws, rules, and codes. This not only keeps your license current but also aids in your professional development. Remember to check that your education provider is state-approved to ensure your hours count toward renewal.

Convenience of Online Courses

State Approved offers a comprehensive 8-hour HVAC renewal course for Texas professionals. Our course is TDLR-approved, ensuring you meet your continuing education requirements efficiently and conveniently. With no final exam and user-friendly material, you’ll find maintaining your license in Texas a seamless experience.

Ready to Renew Your HVAC License?

Maintaining your HVAC license in Texas doesn’t have to be a challenge. By understanding the specific requirements for your license type and taking advantage of the online resources available, you can ensure your credentials stay up-to-date. Remember, planning ahead and completing your continuing education and renewal on time are key to a stress-free licensure maintenance process.

Explore our range of continuing education courses tailored for Texas HVAC professionals at State Approved. Learn at your own pace and meet your annual requirements with our convenient online courses. Contact us to explore your options!